Sunday, August 22, 2010

Android: Tilt meter for vehicles

Just a few hours ago, the first version of my Tilt meter application for Android has been published.

This is an application that shows the device orientation based on the readings from the acceleration sensor. Based on such data, the application can determine the inclination (frontal and lateral) of the device. Development turned out to be just a bit more complicated when the zero adjustment (calibration) option was added. Some already forgotten topics related to algebra and geometry had to be recalled by the developer.

Although the main goal of the application is to use the phone as an indicator device in off-road vehicles, it can be used in any situation requiring angle measurement.

The application is available on the Android Market. If you want to find it, go to the market and just search for "Tilt meter".

If you have a barcode scanner installed into your mobile phone, you can get the application just reading this QR code:

Update (18-sep-2010)
Links to some webs showing Android Market applications, refering to this one: AppBrain, AndroLib, AndroidPIT, AndroidZoom and even PCWorld.

Update (08-oct-2010)
The clinometer application has just been updated to version 1.0.1. The new version includes translations to several languages, as well as support for Android 1.5 (previous version required at least Android 1.6). In fact, you can see this image, with the inclinometer being executed on a GeneralMobile DSTL1 terminal, running Android 1.5.