Saturday, May 05, 2007

Multiseat in Ubuntu 7.04

The multiseat computer configuration has been carried out again on a new computer with the Ubuntu 7.04 release.

The main difference in this installation is that a brand new computer has been used. The computer was equiped with a PCI-Express card (nVidia 6600), instead of using an AGP card as we did in our first installation.

The big news are that the problems related to keyboard configuration seem to be solved. The page related to gdm and xkb has been updated with instructions on how to solve the keyboard missconfiguration problem reported by several users.

Update (20080114): Pics added. The pics were taken on 20070518


Rui Ferreira said...

Ola' de Portugal,

Athougth I haven't tried the 'don't use 'rules = "evdev"' but 'keycodes = "evdev"'', I believe it will fix my keyboard misconfiguration.

What brings me to write you is KDM.
I haven't found yet an option in KDM that works like the 'Handled=false' option of GDM, so I have to start the host X server for the Xephyr servers manually.

In the start menu (KDM or KDE's Kicker) we also have options to connect to other sessions, either in VTs or TTYs, and when an user selects any of them, a) if it's a VT, all X & Xephyr servers crash and we end up without being able to switch to any TTY; b) if it's a TTY, all X & Xephyr servers crash, we end up in that TTY but the keyboards don't work because they remain grabbed to the Xservers.

I'll continue my investiations tomorrow, it's getting late...

Anonymous said...

I have followed the tutorial. It works great, keyboard is OK, and I am using gdm.

syferium said...
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Geert said...


First off all, it's a great thin multiseat and a verry good blog !
I have a problem with the ubuntu 7.04, when you use the multiseat with more than 2 users. The usb adresses changes every start. One keyboard number one is the adres ....2.1 (example) en after restart the number is changed. So the hole multiseat is damaged after restart. When I change the USB adres it works, but after restart the adres is always changed. With ubuntu 6.10 I don't have this problem. Please test it once with more than 2 seats (you have more than 1 usb keyb and mouse).

jojo said...

Please help me with this

Goal: Multi seat, 2 terminals

Using the following:-

AMD X2 (x86_64),
ATI Radeon X1200 (Integrated into Gigabyte Motherboard),
1 D-Sub & 1 DVI-D-Sub,(same PCI bus address)
1 PS/2 Keyboard, 1 USB Keyboard,
2 USB Mice,
1 LCD monitor(1400x900), 1 CRT (1024x768)

Ubuntu 7.10(Gutsy Gibon), x86_64(i.e AMD64 version)
fglrx(or whatever you suggest)
X (7.x)

I have been following your guides,
the furthest I have gotten is configuring extended desktop (by editing Xorg.conf)

But i get a functional desktop on 1 display, and a blank extended X on the other display
(symptom:: when i move my mouse from the fully functional display to the extended display, i see the old X style mouse curser instead of Gnome themed one, but the screen is blank & i cannot drag windows onto it)

even if i ignore this and move to further steps (editing GDM.conf) i get a crashing X server/xephyr etc, with both ubuntu's Xephyr and the binary taken from your suggested source.

looking forward to any pointers/help



Anonymous said...

this blog is dead aint' it?

josean said...

No, the blog is not dead. I am just a too busy worker and family father involved in too much projects.

I am preparing a newer revision based on Ubuntu 7.10. Coming soon...

Anonymous said...

For those who are lazy to do manual configure.
You can install multiseat in Ubuntu 7.10 using Synaptic Package Manager.
It's provide by Userful - free for home user, need activation code.