Friday, June 12, 2009

Fedora 11 on the Asus EeePC 701

The linux distribution Fedora 11 (also know by its codename Leonidas) has been recently published, and it is available as a Live-ISO. So, I decided to download such image and create a Live-USB in order to test it on the Asus EeePC 701.

Fedora 11 includes many improvements over previous releases in aspects such as security and virtualization. Additional improvements are also done in order to add features to this distribution for those using it in desktops PCs as well as for those who use Fedora in servers.

The distribution includes support for the ext4 filesystem, and several sources remark that the distribution boots in about 20 seconds (obviously it takes longer to boot when we tested it in form of a live-USB). People is reporting times just a few seconds shorter (faster) than Ubuntu 9.04, whose boot time is better than acceptable in my opinion.

Anyway, the goal of this blog entry is not to do an in-deep review of Fedora 11 and their new features. We just pretend to analyze if it can be considered a viable alternative in order to be installed on a Asus Eee PC 701, given the particular limitations and the components of such netbook.

Inside the Fedora wiki, there is a page telling us that such netbook is fully supported, requiring no additional modifications or particular adjustments.

In fact, the components that I tested (audio card, wireless network adapter and integrated camera) are properly detected an they work fine with zero additional setup.

So, we can conclude telling that this is a very recommendable distribution for those who want the fully potential and advantages of a complete distribution, without the limitations and excessive simplifications of other distributions specifically intended for notebooks. You will also have a huge repository of applications and utilities ready to be installed.

Note: Versión en español:
Fedora 11 en el Asus EeePC 701


Anonymous said...

i just installed this on my 904HA and it's great! i got really sick of ubuntu and eeebuntu. everything works, including volume keys, except wireless. that's ok because ndiswrapper will get the job done. i'm using KDE for a little bigger interface since my screen is small.

josean said...

Nice to hear such a thing. Enjoy your netbook!