Sunday, July 10, 2011

Multiseat is coming back with ubuntu 11.10

Just a few days ago, the version alfa 2 of Ubuntu 11.10 was released. This version comes with some interesting changes, may be the most significant of them are the use of the branch 3 of the Linux kernel, as well as the use of Gnome 3.

As you probably already know, multiseat is closely related to display manager, since it is a key component which allows the starting of multiple simultaneous graphical sessions. You probably will know, too, that this feature was removed in gdm (the Gnome Display Manager) in version 2.22. This is the reason why since Ubuntu 9.10 there is no an easy setup to configure a multiseat computer.

In Ubuntu 11.10 LightDM has replaced GDM as the default display manager. This is a rather new display manager, so the first question was whether this new display manager would support a multiseat configuration. The question seems to have been answered and, accordingly to the comments, multiseat configurations will be possible.

We are currently preparing a computer with the alfa 2 of Ubuntu 11.10 just to test the multiseat setup. We will keep you informed about the results on the blog.

Meanwhile, you can have a look to the new features of Ubuntu 11.10


Anonymous said...

It'a good news to me. I have been trying to install a multiseat with the new GDM and got problems.

Timothy said...

Awesome News! I really love multiseat but hate the current "not so clean" approach that exists in 11.04. I will follow your blog closely! Thank you :)


Samir said...


I'm hoping for a super tutorial step by step. Please, when it succeeds, you can show to us how it's done?

Ananthavel said...

I too waiting for the Step by Step tutorial once you have done

√Čtienne said...

Looking forward to read your tutorial too ;)

batonac said...

hmmm... this news is almost a year old, and 12.04 is out by now, but I'm still struggling to find a good how-to on multiseat configuration in Ubuntu. If you could provide one we'd all be grateful!